Hot Desking Club lets entrepreneurs rent a desk in a shared office space in London UK and network with other hot deskers.

We offer a convenient location where you can rent desk space in shared offices and experience an exciting co-working lifestyle within easy reach of the tube and bus network.

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Work From Home ...

It's perfectly possible to work from home, instead of an office. You can save money. The downside is that it's not very inspiring and you only have yourself to talk to. It's the lack of a competitive business atmosphere. You can get this by getting your own work space. Rent a desk in a shared office. Put on your suit, get out of the house and go to work!

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... Or Work From An Office?

Many entrepreneurs have a home office space simply as somewhere to 'do business'. Having an home office means that you never really 'switch on' to business mode and switch off from being at home. Renting a separate, coworking desk space in London, a place where you actually go to work, stiffens your resolve and changes your mindset.

When you rent shared office space you get a professional home, without having to set it up by yourself and pay for it .

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