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Need Temporary Office Space?

HDC has come up with a flexible option worth considering in your search for temporary office space in London: a shared offices facility near to transport links and important amenities.

This is a great short-term office because it offers a no-deposit, rolling-subscription deal. You are freed from long-term contracts and can move out when you find your permanent home. It's easy to move in; everything is set up and ready to go: utilities, wifi, cleaning, drinks and meeting room.

This setup offers great value for money and a welcome respite from your office space woes. You get a chance to take your breath while you sort out where to move your wagons to for the long term. The facilities are already up and running so all you've got to do is to move your team, their PC's and personalised tea-mugs in and you're up-and-running for next Monday, 9am!

Each staff member gets:

A desk and chair;
Wifi access;
All utility and broadband fees included;
Free tea and coffee;
Optional meeting room access;
Optional locker for your valuables;
Optional printer and scanner access.

Prices are much lower than serviced offices and the atmosphere is more easy-going. You can interact with other users and enjoy the buzz of a lively working environment. Or just retire to the meeting room to concentrate. The money you save can be used to improve your business.

Our space is useful for:

Short-term projects offices;
A base for a sales team whose members move about;
A workplace for part-time employees
Temporary space after the end of a contract.

Our office is fully ready for your team to move in at short notice. It helps you keep your projects going uninterrupted.

Need temporary, emergency or short-term office space? Rent desk space in London TODAY!

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