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Meeting Room Terms, Conditions & Prices

1. Booking Confirmation

A meeting room booking is only confirmed upon full payment.

2. Cancellation

In the event of a cancelled booking or change of time/date , the following charges apply:

  • 30 days prior: no fee will be charged.
  • 14 days prior: 50% of the full fee will be charged.
  • 7 days prior: the full amount will charged.

3. Conditions Of Hire

  • Hot Desking Club reserves the right, without liability, to refuse or cancel any booking provided at least 48 hours of notice has been provided to the hirer via Email/ SMS/ telephone.
  • Hot Desking Club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused to Hot Desking Club’s property.
  • The Hirer shall make no alterations or additions to the decor or fittings of the Meeting Room without the written permission of Hot Desking Club.
  • The maximum number of persons to be admitted to the Meeting Room at one time is 6.
  • The Meeting Room may only be used for the purpose stated at the time of booking.
  • The Hirer shall take care to ensure that the peace of the other tenants of the building is not disturbed during the hiring period, particularly with regard to noise nuisance.
  • At the expiration of the hiring period the Hirer is to leave the Meeting Room in a clean and orderly state, free of litter and in particular and to remove all equipment previously brought in by or on behalf of the Hirer.
  • Smoking is not permitted within the building or on the front step.

4. Refunds

Refunds, where applicable, will be made within 30 days of the cancellation request. Any refund will be made after application of any applicable cancellation fee.

5. Prices

Meet your clients at your workplace. Members pay £15 p.h., while non-members and virtual hot deskers pay £20 p.h. Meeting room suitable for up to four people.

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