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Work and Network

Hotdesking Club offers desk space as and when you need it. Meet entrepreneurs like yourself, today!

Work and Network

Would you like to be able to get out of the house, meet like-minded people and work in a space where you can concentrate? No distractions, no TV, no kids, no fridge full of tempting treats. Just a smart desk in a proper office in an upmarket area of town. Come in for a day or two a week and clear your head. Meet interesting people you can bounce ideas off of. Enjoy the discipline of working to the clock and going home at 5pm to really relax!

Working from home is great but you can become isolated. There's no one who understands what you're doing. You have an audience of one to comment on your work. Discipline can go out the window.

Many businessmen report that 'interaction around the water cooler' is one of the hidden benefits of working in an office. Getting cleaned up, putting on suit and tie and commuting into the office gets you into 'work mode' and provide a fresh perspective on what you're doing. You see people in the street, get the daily free newspaper and look at the crowds rolling by. You get into the office, find out the latest gossip, make a drink and get down to work. This is totally different to staring at the four walls of your home office and wondering if you can keep off social media long enough to finish your report!

Hotdesking Club offers 'the office experience' at fees and times of your choosing. Come in for 1 day or 5, for 1 hour or 8. The power is in your hands.

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